When we started Pot United, we began as a cannabis-based creative agency, offering consulting services to Initiative 71 gift shops, and soon after became a delivery service. Over the past year, cannabis cultivation has become a part of what we do. But it’s not been easy: it’s taken a lot of learning and hard work, but after a year of trial and error, we have successfully cultivated multiple cannabis strains bred by Cannarado Genetics and Solfire Gardens.

Our process begins with germination — the first step in the cultivation of cannabis. It’s a very important step because it determines whether or not the plant will grow into healthy and strong buds. When the seed pops open, we plant it in our starter pots and give it about two weeks. By the second week, it has already grown two to four inches tall and become a sprout. We then transfer the young plant into larger pots and continue feeding it nutrients as it enters the seedling stage, which is approximately two to three weeks.

As the seedling grows, its first pair of leaves starts to develop serrated edges and a second set of smaller leaves begin to form. With time, our plants enter the vegetative stage when their fan leaves appear. In the vegetative stage, we have to control the amount of light since we are growing indoors. We begin by giving our plants 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness—and eventually, we do 16 hours of darkness, leaving the plants with light for the remainder of the 24-hour period. At this point, we let our cannabis plants grow while maintaining them by trimming and continuing to feed them the necessary amount of nutrients.

Once the plant has reached maturity, we harvest all of our cannabis plants for consumption by trimming off the leaves from the buds and drying them out in order to preserve their potency for future use. Once dried out, we store our cannabis in glass jars and place them in cool places so that our product does not get damaged by heat or humidity. And though it’s not always the easiest process, we make sure to handle each and every cannabis plant with care so that our customers can have a product they love.

Note: We carefully select our seeds from Cannarado Genetics and Solfire Gardens, and grow them in our own indoor facility. This ensures that we have complete control over the quality of our products and that we can provide you with top-quality flowers.