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August 28, 20212
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What’s the Buzz? Exploring Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake 

There are many names for cannabis strains out there that sound alike or can be easily confused with one another. For newcomers to the cannabis scene, this can be frustrating. Why are they all so confusing? Are there any other strains out there we should know about? Sure, but since this is Pot United, we are going to focus on just a couple of popular and often confused cannabis strains: Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake. These strains that sound alike or nearly the same can make choosing which strain to buy more difficult than it needs to be. Knowing what you are getting into means you can get into the fun part: actually smoking it.

Read below for a quick breakdown of Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake:


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake is a variety very appreciated by both experienced and inexperienced growers. Its vigor and its capacity to adapt to the different cultivation systems like SCROG and SOG cultivation are some of its most important characteristics. The uniformity of the flowering period and of the heterogeneous development of the buds make this variety very easy to manipulate. Birthday Cake is an Indica-dominant cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, bred by Cannarado Genetics. 

While Birthday Cake may sound as good as it gets to a cannabis lover, the taste and smell of this kush are equally impressive—giving you notes of sweet cake and sugar followed by soft, sugary undertones on the exhale. When you take a hefty hit, those sugary, cream-filled notes become even more apparent with a berry finish that will leave your taste buds ready for seconds. This is why it is among those sought-after strains. 

What makes this strain so special? Birthday Cake is a great strain that provides an uplifting mental buzz with a very mellow physical effect. It is the mood-boosting, euphoric effects of Birthday Cake that convert new users to lifelong fans. A calm and relaxed mental state is created quickly after just a few puffs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. In fact, Birthday Cake is perfect for comedy, music, or movies. It’s a phenomenal strain for battling moderate to severe pain and bringing on a whole lot of relaxation. 


Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is an Indica phenotype of Triangle Mint, which crosses Triangle Kush and Animal Mint, bred by Seed Junky Genetics. With an Indica dominant growth history, the plants cultivated in its soil become short and sturdy. Other than that, this variety has a high-yielding potential, unlike the Sativa hybrids, which carry an average yield. The flower produced by it also grows thick buds and produces a forest green shade that becomes darker as it develops purple undertones. Additionally, this strain doesn’t have much smell when grown indoors but as soon as it reaches the flowering phase, it gives a decent smell that takes on a more pungent form outdoors. 

This hybrid combines the best of its parent genetics, creating an experience, unlike anything you have ever tried before. Wedding cake as a cannabis strain is very rich and heavy and offers a variety of flavors. While it has a pungent sweet aroma, the smoke brings on a tangy sweetness with earthy spice. Wedding Cake’s flavor profile is so unique and fun! The smell is sweet and a delight to smell, with its vanilla, pine, and lemon dominance. The taste is sweet with a spicy finish. Celebration time!

Anyone can tell you how delicious this hybrid is, but it is the potency that sells it. Wedding Cake has a strong Indica effect, making it best for night use. Wedding Cake’s Indica-dominant effects provide adequate pain relief, making this a great strain for treating chronic aches and discomfort.  It’s very easy to medicate with, making Wedding Cake the optimal strain for evenings at home. In fact, this rich but mellow bud gets even better with time, making it a true gem for connoisseurs and collectors alike. Wedding Cake is a great hybrid for smokers who know how to appreciate something savory, creamy, and equally sweet. 

There are as many strains of cannabis out there as there are types of alcohol. Some tell anecdotally better stories, others are better at getting you baked. Now that you know the difference between Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake, it’s time for you to explore your options, whether medically or recreationally.

Note: There’s something new in the air, and it’s a warm, sweet smell of success. We’re talking about the beautiful buds of Twins (a cross of Birthday Cake and Sour dubb) and La Quinceanera (a cross of Blanco Legend and Birthday Cake ), bred by Cannarado Genetics and grown by Pot United! The plants are looking amazing, and the first harvest is coming soon. If you have been hoping to find the right strain, it will be well worth the wait. 

– Meghen Peck


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